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... A Dark Knight

This isn't the comicverse; the first movie already shifted from it in significant ways (like the entirety of Bruce's pre-Batman life and training), so this is clearly a different Batman. For starters, this is a Bruce who sees Dent as a worthy (better) replacement for him, rather than an ally, somebody who can inspire Gotham in a way he has tried to but isn't quite working. It's interesting that the movies put so much weight on the overall fight for Gotham's collective psyche. This Bruce isn't fighting crime, he's fighting for the survival of the city (just like his father did, and pretty much in the mental framework, if not with the goals or intent, used by Ra's). It makes sense for him to see Dent stepping up instead of him, if that's what he's looking for.

The Joker is also playing this game, too, and also with mixed success. He not only acts out Chaos, he wants everybody to play with his (lack of) rules. In a way, keeping Batman alive is not only fun, but also functional to this outcome. He wants a city with a Batman, which is clearly a city that is not working right.

Oh, and the uber-surveillance device thing Bruce came up with? Brilliant. Dubiously ethical -but then, what part of what he does isn't?- but brilliant. Comicsverse Bruce would have kept a backup on his Cave, because it's useful as hell, but I'm not sure this Bruce has the necessary technological skills on his own, and he values more Fox's help.

The subplot about the guy who found out his identity was a bit rushed, but interesting. I loved Fox's flair in handling the issue when it first came out, but clearly he didn't foresee the range of motivations the guy would have for talking.

I think what cinched it for me that this isn't the comics' Batman is the final cover up, the idea the "truth sometimes isn't enough." It makes sense in Bruce's war in the movieverse, but not in the comicsverse, I think.

Probably more when I can put my thoughts in order.


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Jul. 20th, 2008 03:55 am (UTC)
*nods* The treatment of women in the movie was horrible across the board.


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