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Fic: Preemptive (DCU, PG13)

Title: Preemptive
Fandom: DCU
Rating: PG13
Summary: Everything can be a tool when handled in the right way.
Author Notes: For odditycollector. Not quite OTP-ish, so let me know if you want a rewrite.

The datastream seems to come from the empty vacuum itself. It takes the son of Dox hours to conclude that it comes from the past.

The woman's voice offers a preemptive strike against the computer tyrants during the early years of their dominion over Colu in exchange for detailed information on current Coluan technology.

There is a small, nonzero probability that the woman will carry out her promise.

Vril Dox II reconsiders the probability of his existence and situation, taking into account the fact that he is uniquely placed to help this unknown person on her intelligence adquisition. The chances for chance, as it were, are small.

This person could prove a powerful resource, but it's one with too many variables. He doesn't like that.

* * *

The emails seem to come from nowhere at all. It takes Amanda Waller some time to convince herself than they come from the future.

Tags: dcu, dcu fic, fic
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