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Notes for a fic

For razorsmile. I don't think this works; the awesome of the characters pretty much overwhelmed me.

The voice coming through the encripted datastream was unscrambled, a rare courtesy from the young man.

"I have finished the investigation you requested, Miss Zero. The events in question do, as you suspected, belong to a common pattern. They are all primary or secondary consequences of the activities of a secret meta-organization called the Coincidence. The Coincidence is closely based upon the model of the Global Frequency, a centralized tactical and strategic control coordinating a thousand and one experts, although with an emphasis on profit-oriented illegal activities. It is my estimate that seven point six percent of recent criminal activities related to industrial espionage and financial fraud have been orchestrated by the Coincidence, which has put them in direct competition with existing centralized criminal networks."

"Who runs the Coincidence?"

"The fact that I haven't given you that piece of information, given my otherwise detailed knowledge of the entity and lack of overt reason to avoid disclosing the fact, has already told you that I have an unknown interest on keeping that information restricted, the most likely reason being that I am the person behind the Coincidence. My goals in this matter can be either compatible with the persecution of justice or against them; as you haven't started an operation against me -which would have precluded you asking me the question- I can only infer that you consider my goals honorable, and you made the question only to make me aware of your knowledge."

"I'm glad we had this conversation, L. I'd hate to pull the plug on your operation."

"I feel the same, Miss Zero. It is... interesting to work with you."

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