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Fic: Fixed Point (SGA, PG13)

Just a touch, a casual observation about a throwaway line.

Title: Fixed Point
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Spoilers: Spoilers 4x05
Summary: A place can be big and still be a trap.

You tell yourself that there are many places like this, that culling never is complete, that your odds are still good. Life support will never be an issue.

Yet none of that diminishes the terrifying predictability of your orbit, the visibility, the exposure. For as long or as little as you live, your coordinates will be known to anybody who wants them within a few kiloklicks of precision.

You are a stationary target for the Wraith. Planetbound.

But there's a kid in a Ship that got to keep his place because you didn't, and that's almost compensation enough.

Tags: fic, sga, sga fic
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