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Batman Confidential #8

Apologies for the spamming, but Alfred has just made my day:

(Bruce asks him to power up what is basically the first version of the Batcomputer)

Ah. Well. No.


No. The computer isn't ready. The laptop will have to do.

The laptop is anemic. I have no leads, Alfred. I need brute processing -- Why isn't it ready!

One would think becoming an instant expert in asynchronous associative neural networks and single phase heat transferring liquids would be enough for the boy... It isn't ready, my dear and grateful sir, because I'm attempting to interface six different experimental next-generation technologies simultaneously, not one of them fully tested... The qubits on the quantum chips seem dodgy at the current operating temperature... The neural net continues to mire in local minima and refuses to generalize beyond the training set... Not to mention, the liquid cooling system is leaking all over the cave and I doubt will ever come out of my trousers... More to the point, I'm building a machine that has never ---not even in the imaginations of the engineers of its component parts--- yet existed. That is why it isn't ready.

When will it be?



Thursday. In the meantime, try doing something useful. Like sleeping. Perhaps consider a proper name for this monstrosity. Otherwise we are liable to call it the "Bat-computer" or some such.

I squeed a *lot*. This was near Hypervelocity-level tech talk. Nothing fancy for near-future sci-fi, but compared to most comic book tech, it's gold. And it's Alfred. He has some other great bits, including I'd win the bloody Nobel for it if it wouldn't compromise some of your more sensitive secrets. *hearts* Bruce is great, too; it's the kind of Bruce I really see Ra's calling The Detective, a kick-ass fighter but above everything else an smart man.

If you ask me, Batman Confidential is the true All-Star Batman, a retelling that changes things but leaves them great.
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