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Fic: Five Things Simon Spector Did When Nobody Was Looking (Simon Spector, Prompt #13: Delusion)

Title: Five Things Simon Spector Did When Nobody Was Looking
Fandom: Simon Spector
Prompt: #13, Delusion
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Nothing, really.
Summary: He's human. Nothing human is alien to him.
Word Count: About a hundred and fifty.
Author Notes: Not as terrifying as it had the right to be.

Fabricate evidence against the Silvera brothers. He felt certain about his chain of inference, but knew the average (or not-so-average) juror wouldn't be able to follow it.

* * *

That one time when he called Christos father. It was only once, it was metaphorical, and it was purely in his own mind, but he still brings that memory to focus every time he needs to endure unusual levels of self-inflicted pain.

* * *

Check his face in the mirror for wrinkles. He keeps updated a mathematical model of his physiological capacities, of course, but this had nothing to do with his work.

* * *

Fall in love with Robin. She didn't notice him doing it either, even if it was during the fucking phase of their cyclic relationship-cum-archenemity.

* * *

Take the wedding bands from his parents' cooling hands. He had closed their eyes first.

Tags: fic, prompt #13: delusion, psych_30 challenge, simon spector, simon spector fic

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