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Drabble: Terms of Trade (DCU, PG13)

Taking a break from... Well, it's not a break as such. I just missed the DCU.

Title: Terms of Trade
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DC Toonverse
World Length: A hundred words.
Author Notes: JLU universe. One of those things it'd be very difficult to prove that they aren't canon.

"Bruce Wayne is Batman."

"And Paris Hilton is Wonder Woman? Don't play with me, Cain."

"I'm a man of my word. Dig a little -dig a lot- and you'll find that Bruce's childhood was - interesting. He was a very talented boy."

"And a royal pain in the ass, judging by the man. Very well, I'll assume you are telling me the truth, and if you are lying..." Waller nodded to the cryogenic container the soldiers were loading into Cain's helicopter. "I'll take away your daughter."

"Don't bother. She's only my daughter in the universe you got her from, Amanda."

Tags: fic, jlu, jlu fic
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