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Fic: Transfinite Arithmetic (JL, PG13, Prompt #15: Infinity)

Title: Transfinite Arithmetic
Fandom: DC Comics
Prompt: #15, Infinity
Word Count: About two hundred.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: DC Comics owns all characters involved.
Summary: I heard this being whispered behind a door.
Author Notes: Sort of weird.

Creation spends itself with abandon. There are many universes. Most of them are as disappointingly livable, all things considered, as yours. Some are dystopias where everything went wrong. In some, just by virtue of the laws of transfinite probability, everything went right. In some cases it's hard to know which is which.

There are universes where Speed rules, and a red shadow patrols and guards over every place and every moment, past, present, and future saved and fixed once and for all.

There are universes where gold-skinned Kyrptonian gods live in mansions of fire, while immortal humans of mortal flesh sing heartfelt thanks to the sun.

There are universes where Batman won his war.

These, and others like these, are uncommon. Unique. Diamonds to be found on an infinite beach. But what does it mean to be rare, when there are doors to be opened between the universes?

Gods and godlings and slayers of gods navigate the channels between universes. They bicker, they fight.

They league.

There are forces gathering Outside, as high above your heroes as they are above you, picked by fate from a field where 'legendary' is the most basic qualification.

They are strong beyond your imagination. They are coming. Those things I know.

I don't know what side they are on.

Tags: fic, jl, jl fic, philosophy_20 challenge, prompt #15: infinity
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