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Ficlet: Euclidean Postulate (PG13, JL, Prompt #14: Parallel)

Title: Euclidean Postulate
Fandom: DC Comics
Prompt: #14, Parallel
Word Count: About a hundred and five.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: DC Comics owns all characters involved.
Summary: It's a form of defeat, perhaps.
Author Notes: Not quite what I wanted to tell. I think it'd need a much longer story, with lots of care to get it right.

The Prorcustean Swarm had approached Earth ignorant of the group that had assembled to stop them, and its survivors had gone away with the intention never to return.

It was natural that the group wouldn't let the invaders get the planet; they had conquered it first. But they had saved it without risking any lives but their own, deterring when they could avoid killing at all, and that was a first for Luthor and Vandal.

Slade smiled behind his mask. He had warned them that calling themselves the Justice League would have unpredictable consequences. Names had power, even those of enemies from the past.

Tags: fic, jl, jl fic, philosophy_20 challenge, prompt #14: parallel

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