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Ficlet: Kairos (PG13, JL, Prompt #10: Time)

Title: Kairos
Fandom: DC
Prompt: #10, Time
Word Count: About two hundred
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: DC owns all characters involved.
Summary: Ask Einstein. Time defines speed, and vice versa.
Author Notes: Takes place in the Kingdom Come universe, and it's perhaps spoilery for it. Dedicated to katarik, who told me about the concept of Kairos or "God's time."

He daydreams a lot.

Sometimes they are good dreams, memories of the time before the Speed Force finally dissolved his flesh into pure movement. He misses talking the most, and being seen is a close second.

Sometimes he dreams of a terrible battle, of death beyond his darkest nightmares. He remembers shadows, thunder, and a great blinding light made of pain, but he runs around the world and everybody looks fine, so that can't be the past. Maybe it's the future; he's so fast he has to be be careful not to outrun the present or sprint into the past by mistake.

And maybe it's just another sign of his madness. As with everything else in the world, he saw it approaching with agonizing slowness, subjective year after subjective year of living among and unseen by everybody else.

He has stopped caring a subjective decade ago. He remembers being happy in the battle that still hasn't happened, perhaps even somewhat sane, and he remembers a sudden stop that might had been death. Either way, it will be rest.

Until then, he whiles away the weeks and months. He runs to pass the time.


Tags: fic, jl, jl fic, philosophy_20 challenge, prompt #10: time

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