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Ficlet: When Time From Time Shall Set Us Free (DC, PG13, Prompt #4: Inertia)

Title: When Time From Time Shall Set Us Free
Fandom: DC toonverse
Prompt: #4, Inertia
Word Count: About a hundred and fifty.
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: DC owns all characters involved.
Summary: Almost everything changes with time, but not all.
Author Notes: Inspired by vespa331. Prequel to the JL episode Hereafter pt. 2.

It takes him years to find their bodies. He has them. He has nothing but years now, and the whole of the empty Earth for him to rule.

He buries the League near Smallville, Kansas, under headstones he carved himself.

Savage feels uneasy at night, for the first time in centuries. But nobody comes after him, and if killing everybody on Earth -by mistake, he mutters sometimes- won't set the League against him, then they are gone.

Dead. The League is dead, their lives bright and brief.

He reopens their graves and checks their DNA. They match.

Dead. Nobody but him could defeat death, and in the end nobody but him did.

This is the end of everything but Savage and time.

He checks their DNA again, decades later, against the possibility that they were clones. He discovers interesting things about the effect of Oan rings on human DNA, but his conclusions still remain. The League is dead.


* * *

Superman's reappearance, centuries later, doesn't really surprise him.

Tags: fic, jl fic, philosophy_20 challenge, prompt #4: inertia
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