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Spoilery mini-rant about the latest Countdown

For the love of god, DC. We just got out of a multiversal end-of-everything crisis deal. We don't need another just now! You cannot make every epic a warmed-up leftovers rehash of Crisis On Infinite Earths. I don't even know why you would want to.

Seriously. This is beginning to look like those long over-repetitive porn epics made of fifty-three chapters retelling with minor variations the same over-specific fantasy. In your case, for some reason I dare not speculate upon, "An extremely powerful being wants to recreate the entire multiverse in his image, and after prophecies and disasters strike, only a huge gathering of heroes -one of them dying heroically- can stop him" gets your editorial kink on. But for some of us it may work the first time, maybe have a nostalgic/ironic value the second, but it gets old really fast.
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