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Fic: Substitute Good (Dexter, PG13, Prompt #19: Separation Anxiety)

Title: Substitute Good
Fandom: Dexter
Prompt: #19, Separation Anxiety
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None besides the fandom.
Summary: Harry is worried.
Spoilers: Spoilers for S1, although it happens before it.
Word Count: About four hundred.

Of course Harry was watching. He loved Dexter, but loving had nothing whatsoever to do with blindness. Love was about protecting, and Harry loved Debra, too.

If Dexter ever hurt her...

No. Debra was taking care of Dexter now, cleaning the blood from the cut in Dexter's arm. She had noticed Harry's quiet concern for her new adoptive brother, and had, as always, taken her father's goals as her own without pause or question. It wasn't something Harry felt he could understand or control, and he wondered, as always, if it was one of those things he'd never understand because she was female, or if it was one of those things he'd never understand because she was Debra.

Dexter seemed unconcerned by her jokers or by his own pain. His eyes were fixed on his arm, or perhaps on the blood.

Perhaps another father would have interrupted them. Fathers that had never been part of sting operations. Harry loved them both, and because he loved he needed to know.

Debra finished and went away, hiding -badly- her annoyance with his brother's laconic answers. Harry would have to teach him better, he realized.

Later. Right now, Dexter was just sitting quietly looking at the small scar in his arm. Harry knew the scar would go away.

But none of the important ones ever did.

Harry approached the boy. "Do you miss him?"

"Who?" Dexter's answer hid neither his lack of comfort with small talk nor the honesty of his answer. Whatever relationship he had had with his brother, Harry realized, it was gone now, stashed in whatever place Dexter hid the memories too awful to keep in his mind. Harry had a couple of those, too.

"Dexter, I want you to spend more time with your sister."

"Why?" It was an honest question. He really didn't understand.

Harry wasn't sure he understood himself, not in a way he could pass to the boy. He was just a cop, words weren't his things. All he knew were actions, and clues, and how to do the things you were supposed to do because you were supposed to do them. And what happened if you didn't. "Because I want you to."

Dexter shrugged. "Ok."

Harry sighed and ruffled Dexter's hair. It was good enough. It'd have to be.

Tags: dexter, dexter fic, fic, prompt #19: separation anxiety, psych_30 challenge

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