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What's up with comics?

As of late, I'm not finding much squee-worthy in the comics I follow/read now and then/listen to gossip on. This isn't an unprecedented situation -I've been disenchanted with current comics in the past, usually a week or two before I found something new! and! awesome!-, and probably it has at least as much to do with my personal situation than with the comics themselves, but it's disquieting nonetheless.

The Bat-titles are made of blah. Robin is bizarro!emo!amnesiac!Bruce-trusting!Robin. Batman is - blah? Still insane? Alfred is awesome, but he doesn't have his own title. Nightwing is pretty. Er. And nice to look at? But he seems to have lost his not always sure grip on sanity.

Teen Titans Can. Eat. My. Shorts. Great characters, lots of character choppage.

Birds of Prey... I don't know what's going on in Babs' head right now (blackmailing Lois?!? To her face?! That was *stupid* and *amateurish*, and Babs is neither, dammit!), what happened to the plotlines, and where the heck is my favorite covert action materminded team.

Legion, well, I kinda dropped it after Supergirl took over it, and, checking in now and then, I haven't found reason to come back.

I can't tell what the hell is going on in Outsiders from one issue to the next, nor, I suspect, can the Outsiders. It's just a lot of angst, more angst, and flailing. Angsty flailing.

The Superman titles are failing to make me care. Badly.

Ditto the JLA. The visuals are porny as hell (the JLA in civvies will *always* have an access pass to my id), but I'm not getting either interesting team dynamics (ok, Bruce and Clark snarking is gold, but that's not a team) or the legendary kickassing they are there *for*. The JLA is about defeating an armada of godlike things from the Nth dimension and calling it another tuesday. They *define* pro heroics. Or should.

52? 52 is the title where Skeets is the evil mastermind (is he still? I lost track.). Stuff happens. People die. More stuff happens. I suspect I don't have the budget to buy the drugs that'd put me in the appropriate frame of mind to follow this.

Even Cable/Deadpool, for crying out loud, is almost depressing! Granted, it's Wade-style depression, so we still get him to do adorably insane things, but it's not the Deadpool who hallucinated giving Cable a massage and wore yellow panties to the X-Men's eternal trauma.
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