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Ficcing is what I do to roll my eyes online

A reaction to some of the spoilers about Stargate Atlantis casting changes. A very, very silly reaction. But consider it spoilery, ok?

"General O'Neill, I'd like to use this opportunity to protest against my reduced command role in the Atlantis Colony. With all due respect"

"Dr. Weir, please. Let me"

"No, sir, let me finish. With all due respect for her capabilities, I don't think my replacement has the necessary political experience to deal with the situation in the Pegasus galaxy. Delicate negotiations cannot be left in the hands of amateurs, sir."

"Exactly my thoughts, Elizabeth."


"Can I talk now?"

"Yes. Sir. Sorry."

"As I would have said, you are our most experienced diplomat when it comes to off-world stuff. Which is why I had to pull you out of Atlantis for now. You are needed elsewhere."


"Yes. We have made another first contact. You know how it goes. Nice friends, cool technology, unimaginably powerful and ugly-looking enemy bent on universal destruction. The usual."

"The usual. And does this... man here has anything to do with it?"

"Well... Yes. He's the alien. Sort of. Dr. Weir, Captain -is it Captain, right?- Jean-Luc Picard, of, believe it or not, something called the United Federation of Planets."

"Doctor Weir, I've been looking forward to meeting you."

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