__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

Ficlet: Bedroom Talk (DCU, PG13)

Written for jadecaptain.

This is Tim being deliberately non-Timmish for strategic reasons. I'm not sure about how well this works, but new years are there for us to try new things, right? Sequel to To Fall Willingly Into Your Embrace - I'm pretty surprised I wrote the Tim from that fic behaving like he does in this one, but, well, it seemed to fit.

She was waiting for him on his bed, although she was dressed this time.

"Did you enjoy the show."

Tim didn't flinch. "She's not to be trusted, Rose."

She snickered, lighting a cigarette. "And I am?"

"You are a Titan." He took off his mask, a deliberately unexpected move. "Of course I trust you."

Rose raised an eyebrow. "Yet you had my room bugged."

He replicated in his face an smile he had once seen in Jason's face. "I have everybody's room bugged."

She laughed. "I didn't believe her when she told me you'd do something unexpected. Who knew you could be funny?"

"When you talked afterward, she gave you a message for me, a question. I have an answer."

"Give it to her yourself, boss. I'm not your errand boy."

"I'm telling it to her. She's listening to the bug she planted in your clothes."

"I... crap. Really?"

"Don't take it personally. I'd have done the same in her place."

Rose scowled. "You Bats are all insane. Say your stupid answer so I can go to my room and burn my clothes."

"My answer is this: Cassandra, what you want to build exists already, and you are welcome to it. It's called the Titans."

Rose shrugged and started taking off her clothes. "Whatever. I can't believe she managed to bug me."

"I bugged you too," said Robin, putting back on his mask and leaving the room.

Rose swore at the closing door and started triple-checking her clothes.


Tags: fic, rose, rose fic, tim fic
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