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Ficlet: To Fall Willingly Into Your Embrace

A Christmas ficlet for cosmicastaway.

Title: To Fall Willingly Into Your Embrace
Rating: PG18 on the outside
Fandom: DCU
Summary: Seduction works at many levels.
Author Notes: Current Teen Titans continuity, more or less. Inspired by jadecaptain. Many thanks to katarik for beta - any remaining mistakes, I wrote in just before posting.

If he were alive, Kon would have loved to watch this. Perhaps to participate in it, of course, although Tim had always considered that Kon had had an inborn respect for other people's intimacy that tempered, and sometimes made more difficult, his search for meaningful human contact.

He'd have watched, yes, but then some inner sense -something that other people might had been tempted to relate to Superman's genes, but that Tim considered uniquely Kon's- would have prompted him to leave.

Robin has no such constraints, of course, but then neither does Tim.

That Rose chooses to be the one to perform oral sex on Cassandra is a valuable psychological datum. That Cassandra chooses to look at the hidden camera in Rose's room -to look at him, for all intents and purposes- is also significant.

She wants him to know that she wants him to see her like this, naked and as vulnerable as she could ever be -not much, really- thighs around Rose's head, lips open in a half-smile.

It's a seduction attempt, of course, but not the obvious one.

It's not even Deathstroke sending a reminder of who Tim will be fighting against when the two teams finally engage in the unavoidable battle to come, and of how shaky and shifting loyalties will be. That goes in both directions.

Cassandra comes with an exquisitely controlled shudder, eyes still locked in the hidden camera. Rose rises from her knees, her smile disturbingly reminiscent of Slade Wilson's.

Both are out of uniform, belonging for the moment to no team.

Therein lies the temptation.

Both women are embracing now, whispering in each others' ears words that are surely neither sweet nor nothings. The sense of intimacy coming through Tim's surveillance monitors is almost overwhelming. He's reminded again, for no reason that he cares to contemplate, of Kon.

He increases the bug's audio resolution.

Tags: cass, cass fic, fic, rose, rose fic, tim, tim fic
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