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Ficlet: Double Dare (PG13, DCU)

And so it came to pass that I wrote something to disturb the heck out of myself... Consider it Lord King Bad Fic, even.

Title: Double Dare
Rating: PG13
Summary: Nothing designed by Lex Luthor should *ever* be considered safe.
Author Notes: Unofficial sequel to Double Agency, only with half the sense and twice the disturbing content.

"You murdered Luthor."

The boy reclined in what had been Lex Luthor's chair. He had changed everything else in LexCorp's head office, but had kept the chair for reasons only a Luthor would understand.

At least Superman hoped it was Lex Luthor's genetic inheritance showing through, instead of his.

"I killed Lex, yes. That's a matter of public record, actually. Are you here to deliver me to justice?" The boy offered his wrists for a second, and then shook his head. "Didn't think so. After all the information about LexCorp's hidden operations I have brought to light, there isn't a jury in this planet who would convict me."

Superman turned to look through the window wall in the penthouse office. "And now LexCorp is yours."

"Yes. Not quite what he had in mind when he cloned me, I presume."

Superman looked back to the boy. "I expected more from you. You were a hero."

The boy sighed. "That wasn't me. That was somebody else who had the same genes I do, and different psychological programming. Of all people, I think you should know better than anybody that biology doesn't define who we are, or the limits of our potential."

"Your is nearly unlimited. You could have done anything!"

"Of course. I could have used Timothy Drake to get to Bruce Wayne, as Lex intended. I could have turned into an assassin. I could have called myself Superboy, yes. I guess I could have, in time, replaced you as Superman. Instead I simulated, schemed, and acted, and here I am."

"Another Lex Luthor." There was bitterness in Superman's voice.

"No. Neither him nor you. Myself."

Superman sighed. "You must feel so alone. I wasn't always there for Kon when he needed me, but despite my misgivings about your recent actions, I promise I will be there for you."

The boy smiled. "That's... generous, but unnecessary. After all, I have access to all of LexCorp's resources now." A lead-lined panel in a wall opened, and a young woman stepped through, black hair framing a sharp, cynical smile. "And rather well-defined interests."

The young woman sat over the desk, giving the distinct impression that it was hers. "He promised to show me Paris if I called you Smallville, but I'm betting you can best his offer."

Superman blanched, stepping away unconsciously.

The boy inclined his head questioningly. "No?"


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