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Ficlet: Double Agency (PG13, DCU)

The first of the promised Xmas ficlets; this one is for comixologist

Title: Double Agency
Fandom: DCU
Rating: PG13
Summary: Lex hates to waste a good tool.

From Justice League groups to corporate boards, Luthor believed in always having one or two people in his enemies' inner circle. Wayne Enterprises had proven remarkably resilient to that strategy, but perhaps Wayne's latest heir would prove an easier entry point.

Besides, Luthor already had a very appropriate agent in storage. So to speak.

* * *

"Dude," whispered sotto voice the LexCorp intern. "I know it's for charity and everything, but this party sucks. Wanna slip outside?"

Timothy Drake stared silently at the black-haired young man that had just approached him.

"Drake? You okay? You seem like you are about to puke or something."

"I'm... I'm fine. Just thinking about somebody else."

"Somebody hot, I hope." The young man's blue eyes sparkled with life, and his handshake was both strong and warm.

Almost inhumanly so.

Tags: fic, lex, lex fic, tim, tim fic
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