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It's not spam if... No. It *is* spam

The other day I skimmed in Google News over news that Miss USA's crown was in jeopardy over charges of, IIRC: boozing, cocaine, french-kissing Miss Teen USA and smuggling guys into their shared apartment.

I know it's an stereotype (if I had to judge by personal experience, I'd say the average american woman has an IQ of about 170 and writes brain-melting internet gay porn in her spare time) but isn't that kind of behavior the sort of thing that, well, you'd sort of *want* in a Miss USA?

Saying "Bad Miss USA! No hot and wild stuff!" is like saying "Bad Robin! No gleeful violence! Bad Robin!"

Thus, and despite my general misgivings about beauty contests (for one, they don't usually choose people I find particularly hot): Go Miss USA! Go!
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