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Fic:Spin-off (DCU, PG13, AU)

Title: Spin-off
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: If this had a plot, it wouldn't be what it was. But Cass and J'onn are good thinking on their feet.
Author notes: Just for the sheer hell of it. 52 AU.

It was a pause. The moment between a day and the next; the time of day when families no longer walked through the park but human predators had yet to stake their territories.

The black young woman with pink hair sat in the park bench next to the asian one with black eyes. Both of them looked at the darkening sky.

"That's Mars."

"Your home."

"My first home, yes. A place of good and bad memories, but not where I live. Like this park was your home before you found Barbara."

"You... read my mind?"

"Not quite. You are very difficult to read."

"You too."

Both women smiled.

"Did he sent you after me?"

"No. But I've known Bruce for a long time, longer than most. He didn't say anything, but I know he would want somebody to check with you while he's away."


"No, Cassandra. Just a concerned friend. But there is an official side to my mission, though. Will you become Batgirl again?"

"No." There was no doubt in her voice. "Out in the streets, I was him. Want to be me."

"And who is that?"

"Don't know yet." She smiled. "Will you be..." she did a subtle movement with her arms, shoulders and mind, a flawless representation of a kinetic signature they both understood.

"Not for a while. Much like your mentor and other leaguers, I find myself needing to rebuild myself, away from the ways and places I've become accustomed to."


"I have experience dealing with that particular feeling."

The other girl stood up in a fluid movement and offered her hand. "Ice cream."


"We eat ice cream. You monitor me. Batman happy."

"I appreciate the intention, but my physiology doesn't work like a human's. Comfort food isn't..."

"Chocolate ice cream with Oreos."

"Batman's files, I bet. Do you think this will help us in our existential predicament?"

She nodded, grinning earnestly. "Eating ice cream messy. Have to clean up later."

The girl with the pink hair raised an eyebrow. "I don't think the procedure you are thinking about is part of Batman's approved tactics."

The asian girl's grin widened. "New year. Try new things."

The other girl took her hand and stood up. "You are a wise woman, Cassandra Cain. I believe I will follow your advice."

They walked away as the night fell over the park. It felt like home.


Tags: cass fic, dcu fic, fic, j'onn fic
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