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Fic: Danse Macabre (Dexter, PG13, #6: Inferiority Complex)

Title: Danse Macabre
Fandom: Dexter
Characters: Dexter
Prompt: #6, Inferiority Complex
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None besides the fandom.
Summary: Miami is a weird place.
Spoilers: Up to S1E11.
Author Notes: Either an AU or a very unlikely post-season development.
Word Count: About 320

"I will make art with your body!"

What's with Miami and serial killers? Are we all born here, or just drawn to the city?

"I will build a church with your bones! I will..."

"Not with that knife."


"You can't make clean cuts through human flesh with that knife. It'll tear the major arteries. And how are you going to deal with the blood?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm chained to a wall in your home. When you cut me, there's going to be blood all over the floor and the wall. You haven't put anything to catch it; this is going to scream murder location to the forensic experts."

"I can clean it later, can't it?"

God. Who taught this guy?

"Blood can be detected by chemical markers and ultraviolet light even when it can't be seen by eye. You'd need industrial bleach or something equally strong, but of course that'd tip them off anyway. And what about disposing of my body?"

"I... I thought I'd just bury you in my garden."

"The one that can be seen from your neighbor's kitchen? With the shallow topsoil? I hate to tell you this, but police dogs are going to zero on my grave from all the way in downtown."


"You need to think things through first. I'm your first, right?"

"Of course not! I've killed plenty!"

"Yeah, I bet you have."

"I... Fuck. Alright. How would you do it?"

"The important thing is selecting your victim right. Making sure he or she deserves it. Say, if he's a possible murderer, you have to wait until he kills somebody, or you have enough proof that he has tried to."

"And how do you do that?"

"For example, you let him chain you to a wall and threaten to kill you, and once he has done that..."


"Your partner sedates him from the back. Good timing, Rudy."


Tags: dexter fic, fic, prompt #6: inferiority complex, psych_30 challenge
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