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On Casino Royale

As it was said about Shakespeare, the interesting thing about this movie is that, despite how many people said it's good, it is. It was thoroughly predictable, of course, but that's never the point with a Bond movie. It was, for lack of a better word, a muscular movie, the action was great, and it delivered the character portrayal it wanted to.

It had appropriate dialogue, given the constraints of the franchise, but my favorite line was "The bitch is dead." Because of all the callous, awful things Bond has done and will do, saying that is arguably what damned him forever.

The rest of the movies will be the narrative of his hell.

Oh, and I loved the ending. Not because it was surprising (like, at *all*), but because it was flawlessly iconic.

PS: Is it wrong of me that I wanted to slash/pit against each other early-movie Bond and pre-Batman movieverse Bruce? Or is it just entirely predictable?

Thought while in the shower: the Waynes die in a break-and-entering gone wrong. Bruce sells the Manor and moves to England. Still troubled -this is Bruce- he does stints as criminal, in the Army, etc. He's too undisciplined and crazy to work out in the long term, but he has talent in spades, so Alfred's contacts lead him to be recruited by MI6. He has access to all kinds of places, he has enough money to fund off-budget his own missions (handy, that), he's a great ace in the hole for MI6, who can always claim that the crazy American guy with the well-documented trauma is just delusional.

He and James would have *so* much fun. I'd have plotted to have Bruce become 007, but that'd cut down the slash opportunities.
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