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Misc is always the best category

  • I've been very productive in jobs #1 and #2 the last few days. Haven't been productive in job #3 (not my fault, just an empty queue) and job #4-15 (a.k.a. fandom)(that one's my fault, yes).

  • Have also been feeling very depressed, hence the productivity spike (I don't really have OCD; mild self-induced pseudoOCD is how I cope with what I have)(self, you so fucked up).

  • OTOH, Dexter 1x08 filled me with glee. If they are going to keep shooting AUs of my stories, there is going to be So. Much. Fun!.

  • (Yes, I'm egotistical enough that vague resemblance of eps to previously posted fic of mine increases my love for a show.)

  • (OTOH, the sooner Dexter's other-than-killing behavior stops making me cringe with identification, the less stressful will watching the show be.)

  • Happy birthday to cosmicastaway!

  • Have you noticed how comics seem to lag behind TV as of late? Torchwood+Dexter is a very nice combo that DC's Brat-a-palooza and Marvel's Civil Parody Fodder aren't quite a match for. Come *on*, comics. You can do better!

  • I've heard great stuff about Five Fists Of Science, but haven't been able to find it in Argentina. Comments, recs, *cough*cbrs*cough*?

Tags: misc, rl

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