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Fannish update

  • Renaissance, comment the first -and this is a personal one about a philosophical, personal matter, so YMMV-: No, you bastards who wrote this movie, death doesn't give life meaning. I know it's a popular trope among the ass-backwards conservative sci-fi that makes most of the movie/TV genre, but *no*. You had other ways to go at it, you know.

  • Renaissance, comment the second: Gosh, what a pretty movie. And sue me, but that was a beautiful Paris.

  • Fell is really, really good. The insane-y details are there as glyphs and mirrors. The atmospheric background, the sick, dead *light* is everything. And make no mistake, we all live one bad blackout away from a feral city.

  • I love the Big Three, and I love kickass!Dinah and kickass!Roy, but Justice League isn't really doing anything for me in terms of actual plot.

  • Come to think of it, I don't remember the last time I read one big DC title and found myself enjoying the plot as such. Characterization, sometimes, the art, little touches, cool scenes. But not the plot. *sigh*

  • Kinda enjoyed Superman Confidential -again, characterization, touches, scenes -the one in the rooftop is way cool, but not the story overall.

  • Reread the mangas for Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell: Man-Machine Interface. Alright, so they make even less sense. But they don't make sense in a pretty, smart way, and they *get* what you can do with tech, what it implies about a billion times better than anything the Big Two have ever written (Wildstorm got it right for a while in Wildcats).

  • Failed to be interested by Exiles, but I've been suckerpunched by them before, so I'm still open.

ETA: I'm hereby declaring Ghost in the Shell: Man-Machine Interface the official unofficial sequel to Defense in Depth. *THAT* is what Babs could do. Hell, that's what she could do *now*, in canon, with one percent of the tech she has at her disposal, and why the hell do I keep arguing technology implications with DC anyway?

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