January 25th, 2019

cass, can you not

Star Trek: Discovery S2E2

For the first time, this ep felt somewhat like a TNG one (Weird science! Ethics! Seamless teamwork among well-meaning hypercompetent professionals! Six Impossible Things Happening Before Breakfast), although with a better budget and a more extroverted crew. Picard would appreciate their heart and competence, but I think he'd frown upon all the running around and occasional lapses in dress code.

Needless to say, I enjoyed it very much.

BTW, I already posted about this, but one of my favorite scenes in TNG, besides the whole running theme of everybody being involved in Shakespeare amateur theatrics, painting, and science or scholarship absolutely unrelated to their role in the ship, is that time when they had accidentally hyper-warped beyond reality and were unsure about how or whether they'd come up, and meanwhile, with unsettling and unsettled nothingness visible through every window, we see a nameless crew extra sitting in the galley calmly eating a sandwich. Starfleet stands for selfless sacrifice, professionalism, the enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge, and a society committed to peaceful coexistence, material comfort, and self-directed personal growth as shared, practical goals that can be continuously improved upon by a combination of knowledge and humanitarian ethical principles... but it also stands for calmly eating a sandwich while literally having fallen off the border of the universe, because (a) you're a professional, (b) it's your lunch hour, (c) it's a good sandwich, and (d) it's the kind of thing that happens once a month anyway.

PS: I know of no other fictional universe/organization that depicts it so well, except Atomic Robo. If hypercompetent nerds constantly falling into weird adventures (and sometimes punching Nazis) is your cup of tea (Earl Grey, hot), it's, as always, enthusiastically recommended.