December 9th, 2017

cass, can you not

Things I've (re)learned during the last few hours

  • Netflix's selection of stress-watching material in Argentina is rather limited.

  • Stress-eating makes me feel worse afterward.

  • Kirk thought Spock was perfect and would have seen any idea that he could or should become "more human" as both redundant and an insult. Picard was fascinated by Data's study of humanity, mostly the philosophical implications, but considered it part and parcel of what he expected from the officers of the USS Nerdy Extracurricular Activities, which is my favorite part of what makes Star Trek: Nerds In Space so inspirational to me.

  • Janeway, on the other hand, really wanted Seven to be human. More human. A bit more? You can! I get it, she was assimilated as a child, and this takes place before my personal canon 26th century where holograms, androids, and Borgs are a large part of the Federation population and Starfleet personnel, but still, she's kinda pushy with Seven. With everybody, really, and it seems to be personal every time, but still.

  • By the way. Reversible partial Borg assimilation? Hugely useful for Starfleet. A half-linked, half-individual crew is awfully hard to beat, specially if a lot of the latter are androids. And if you don't think Borgification could have a sizable following among human civilians as a sexual kink, consider Twilight from the point of view of a Transylvanian peasant.

  • Lorca, of course, is a fan of people becoming of whatever species or ontological class is most useful to Lorca at that moment. If you ever want to see what naked tactical hunger looks like in a human face, show that guy a Borg cube and some nanoprobes. He'd inject himself and try to Green Lantern the Borg into attacking the Klingon.

  • Hell, he might pull it off.