November 1st, 2017

cass, can you not

I miss Talia and Shiva being written well, or at any rate sane

I blame Morrison for the not universal but definitely frequent depiction of Talia in contemporary comics as an unhinged, jealous ex-lover (when not a rapist) slash abusive mother. I love a lot of what Morrison did with Batman, but the Leviathan arc should've been kept between him and his therapist.

Take as an example Tom King: unless the last couple of issues of Batman have been a fake-out, his Talia is to a degree a foil for Selina's sanity, which is beneath both Talia and King. The Talia I remember might've felt heartbroken by Bruce's engagement, in that way in which you mourn again and afresh the ending of things lost gone, but that's it.

Perhaps the turning point, meta-textually, was Damian. Comic books seem to have an extremely difficult time dealing with live, sane parents not named Kent, in particular mothers. Maybe they make superheroes "soft" or something.

That would also match Shiva's case, although in her case I think it's simply that she isn't bloody enough for current market tastes. Yes, she's Death incarnate, but she wasn't edgy. She was too well centered for that. Lethal enough, violent enough, but not *angry* enough.