September 17th, 2017

cass, can you not

Comics! (Weird in Different Senses Edition)

Dark Nights Metal #2: It makes no damned sense; the more they try to put everything together, the stupider it gets (really, metals?). The whole of human history, and also specifically Bruce's entire, predestined career as Batman, threaded by a secret battle between the "tribes of the birds" and the "tribes of the bats"?! (By the way, every time the comic mentions birds and bats I can't avoid thinking about birds and bees, which would've been funnier.) The only saving grace: the image of Batman holding a baby Darkseid, about to use him to zap himself into the far past. The DC universe is full of more useful and practicable time travel methods (and this version of Batman keeps one of the towers the Anti-Monitor built in a room at the Fortress of Solitude, so he is one of Those Batmans that'd certainly have one), but the adorably-googled baby Darkseid is ludicrous-funny instead of just

Mister Miracle #2: Highly recommendable, but oh do read the first issue before. It's weird, disturbing, and both psychologically and ontologically claustrophobic for both the reader and the protagonist. Psychological/emotional horror rather than cosmic horror (although I suspect it's psychological/emotional horror as a side effect of cosmic horror). You'll want to punch Orion in the face many, many times. A big trigger warning, though, for suicide. My favorite ongoing DC continuity title by far.