September 7th, 2017

cass, can you not

Atomic Blonde

I enjoyed it. It's about 50% a very aggressively styled 1989 Berlin spy story (they put a lot of effort into things like props, clothes, music, etc), 50% that corridor fight in Daredevil.

In other words, the violence, when it happens (and it does happen quite a bit), is downright brutal (although almost never abusive — this is pros against pros) and while some characters are obviously more skilled than others, nobody is superhuman. The physical toil of what they do isn't explicitly talked about, but clearly displayed, specially when it comes to the protagonist. She can kick butt like a more socially fluent Jason Bourne, but boy does she pay for it.

Not a masterpiece, and particularly not Le Carré(although slightly more Le Carre-ish than I expected, at least in intent), but enjoyable as long you mind neither close, bloody physical violence nor its aftermath.