September 1st, 2017

cass, can you not

Not particularly about the current occupant

I just realized there has to be a connection between the Oval Office having that shape — and the shape being so important that it's named after it — and the Hounds of Tindalos. I wonder what it goes on there that it needs to be protected from them (while, on the other hand, the Pentagon might as well be designed to call to them).

Also, I wonder if there isn't a tiny little very short sixth side to the Pentangon for the obvious occultist reasons; what better way for the military-industry complex to disguise the fact that their warfare is a single decades-long compact of human sacrifice in deliberately pointless wars triggered seemingly at random following esoteric schedules in exchange for unholy budgets?

Oh, well. The way the Laundry universe is going, I'm sure Stross will come around to it very soon.