July 26th, 2017

cass, can you not

Re: the current Doom is sane-ish, good-ish, and wearing an Iron Man armor situation

I wonder if he's fully aware that he'd probably be psychologically unable to do this if Reed Richards were around. I wonder if Reed knows that, and that's why he's staying away (the maths is clear: a multiverse with both Victor and him, by being in different universes, can dedicate themselves to do good, is better than a multiverse with Victor squandering his genius trying to kill/humiliate him and/or take over the world (mainly in order to kill/humiliate him), while he has to spend a fair amount of time stopping him)(note to self: while Reed's concept of "doing good" is less problematic than Victor's old one, it's still problematic).

By the way, I seem to recall a panel posted somewhere of Ultimate!Reed tricking the High Evolutionary into collapsing the Multiverse (because Celestials forbid Crisis on Infinite Earths will ever stop happening), which in theory should impact Reed, shouldn't it? (Maybe that's why the Maker did it? I don't think so, although I haven't been following Marvel, but it'd be a fairly Richards-ly thing to do, to destroy/collapse most of a multiverse just to get a single guy you're particularly annoyed by.)