July 15th, 2017

cass, can you not

Current TV series: Bad Guys (2014)

A Korean cop show with a familiar meta-plot. In this particular instance: a disgraced alcoholic violent former cop suffering from personal trauma nicknamed Mad Dog is reinstated to catch a dangerous serial killer (the explicit premise of the beginning of the first episode explicitly being We Korean police are too nice to catch dangerous bad guys). For hopefully not purely Doylean reasons, he gets to set up a team composed of, besides the by-the-books young and idealistic policewoman who technically outranks him, three convicts that are released under his care and promised years off their sentences for each bad guy they (individually, this is an internal competition) catch:

  • A hitman with a flawless record who gave himself up for unknown reasons after his last kill (you know, the sleek, always-wears-a-suit type).

  • A mob leader (of the rough, slightly comedic relief-y, violent but also well-connected with the underground type).

  • A young genius psychopath serial killer (of the absurdly high IQ, multiple PhDs, killed a bunch of people type).

Needless to say, the plot's probably going to thicken. There's only one season of eleven episodes, and, as you can see, it's pretty much by the numbers, but the first episode was entertaining enough, so it might end up being a once-a-week shut-my-brain-off thing.