April 20th, 2017

cass, can you not

Happy thoughts

Yesterday I read in Smil's Harvesting the Biosphere that, depending on how you define it, the largest part of biomass is in forests, and the largest part of forest biomass is in the form of dead structural tissue in trees.

So, quantitatively, most of the biosphere is a necropolis, living tissue a thin wrapper around, and underpinned by, the much larger and older mass of the dead. Our forests are Cities of the Dead. Is it any wonder they so often feel haunted?

(And what are our selves, by the way, but a thin layer of those few live thoughts we're thinking right now, wrapped around an infinitely deeper and older graveyard of dead thoughts we once thought? Dead, but oh so far from powerless, and seldom dead forever. Is it any wonder we so often feel haunted? We are squatters in the cemetery of everybody we once were.)