April 2nd, 2017

cass, can you not

Thinking aloud

Has anybody already shot the documentary or wrote the book about how Gog and Magog are actually a reference to the bad hombres south of the Rio Grande, and Trump is a new Alexander/the katechon building a gate to hold them back until everything is quite ready for the big showdown? Or is the prophesy crowd not in the mood for anything that means the End of Days not being around the corner?

By the way, I'm currently reading Heyday, an astounding book about the 1850s with really fascinating characters (Laurence Oliphant: you couldn't make him up if you tried to), almost-events (the British-American War that didn't happen for the slightest of margins, how Russia might not have gotten to the Pacific shore if not for an ignored general that took advantage of the Crimen war to basically walk his way into a huge territory), weird links (how the Victorians fell in love with beards), and structural features I hadn't quite been aware of (the importance of slavery in the US to the economic boom/modernization of the 1850s, the very familiar patterns of speculation during the unprecedented internal migrations in the US, the Caucasus as the Russian Vietnam — making me understand better both the Chechen rebellion and the Russian reaction to it —), etc.