February 16th, 2017

cass, can you not

Zero spoilers, one movie (John Wick 2), three things I liked (alright, four)

Point the first: I liked the nearly complete lack of plot points. There were some, yes, but it was mostly headshot headshot headshot reload headshot headshot judo bodyshot headshot headshot to guy in judo hold reload...

Point the second: As noted above, they didn't change the style of Wick's violence. Despite the somewhat ludicrous accumulation of bodies and injuries, I still heartily approve of his minimalist style of gun kata: Headshot. If can't do a headshot, shoot other places until you can do a headshot. If too close to shoot, grapple (try again to shoot, just in case), kill whoever is an immediate threat in the perimeter, then, yes, headshot. It requires plenty of ammo that you're forced to scavenge along the way, but it's very efficient: you just can't kill that many people in a normal-sized movie if you're going to have long shootouts with each of them. I briefly wondered while watching the movie how the world must feel to somebody like him: everybody's so *slow*, and they shoot bizarrely at almost random places. Does John Wick fight with guns like Jedis would fight with guns? (to steal a comment I made about the Speed Racer movie) You know, maybe he does. He does have the nearly supernatural speed and precision you need to stop a blaster with a lightsaber.

Point the third: They spent a bit more time exploring the insane world of the movie, and it's *adorable*. There's a bit about a worldwide council of crime that felt boring (and, god, why do we always have to have a weird stylish "European" party or two in almost every movie?), but the important fact is that the world of the movie is absolutely full of weirdly overlapping criminal fraternities with insanely complex resources and networks. It's hilarious. And of course there's The Continental. Wherever you travel to, I do recommend staying there (and oh my god their back-office... my soul was filled with so much squee at their back-office).

Point the fourth: The bad guy's main bodyguard was quietly interesting, but I felt she was underused. Would've liked to know more about her backstory.

My summary is the one I've seen in every review: if you liked the first movie, you're very likely to like this one, and if you didn't, then you probably won't.