September 26th, 2015

cass, can you not

As my slow rewatch of Hannibal goes on...

One aspect of the series that becomes plainer on a rewatch is how often we see characters think. They don't necessarily speak aloud, but you can follow in their expressions, and even things like brief glances, how they are reacting to and processing what they are seeing and hearing. There's a great degree of viewer projection, I grant you, and you can't really know what they are thinking, but while watching things a second time you can often pick up when somebody decided or figured out something, even if it was impossible to know at the moment. (One exception: there's one moment in S01E03, the one I just watched, when Abigail shifts her eyes away for about half a second, and you know why, and they show Hannibal's expression for another second, and you know that he knows why she did that, and although the episode makes sense if you don't notice that, if you do it changes the way you look at what happens during the rest of it. It's a lot to put in about two seconds of facial expressions, and it's very neat.)

Another thing that becomes more obvious the second time around: Jack was always a bit of a piece of shit. Loving husband, devoted law enforcement officer, doesn't give a rat's ass about the psychological or physical safety of the people that work for him, or anybody else's, actually, as long as they are potentially useful to catch a killer. In a show without a Hannibal, and with killers perhaps just a little bit less horrendous, it wouldn't take much to make Jack the villain, the abusive boss who knowingly pushes somebody beyond their breaking point just to further his own goals.