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Seven six-word ficlets.

Well, six not counting the one I posted last night.

Six-Word Memories: Almost-JLU edition.

Bruce misremembers. His father did it.

Supervillain Jor-El wanted a New Krypton.

Exiled for bisexuality, Diana lied: "Ambassador"

Sociopathic Lanterns are the best. Fearless.

Fast enough to kill everybody? Watch.

Double agent? Triple? Thanagarians are crafty!

J'onn, incognito, dated all of them.


Oct. 28th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)
:D He was researching mankind, you realize. :P

Both Clark and Bruce discovered him, and agreeed to have their memories blocked (I think that, sans dating, this is or was canon in Bruce's case). To Diana's people she had been a survivor from a shipwreck who stayed with them for a couple of years learning from them, and then left one night with the tide. Diana cried a little, but not because she thought she might have died.

She tried wooing Wally as a hot, forward blonde, but he just flirted a wall between them. Then she was a plain woman with a love for thai food, and Wally never wondered why she seemed to have no problem understanding him when he spoke a bit too fast, only that it was really nice to do so.

It felt wrong to intrude on John and Shayera's relationship, but their concept of relationship was both fluid and somewhat adversarial, even for humanoids. He learned a lot about each of them by dating the other. It was a very Martian thing.


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