__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

So... six words stories.

razorsmile thought I should.

I'm... Alright, I'm easy. But you all knew that already.

*coughs* Concise Countdown: An Infinite Crisis AU in six parts and very few words

"Tegrof," she said. He did. Everything.
* * *
"We erased Batman?" "Looks happy."
* * *
Weeping, glowing red eyes.
* * *
Zatanna ran. Alone.
* * *
Guilt maddens.
* * *

There. Hope it made sense... And because a more traditional six words fic is possibly a good idea, too: Bruce misremembers. His father did it. Or, in less angsty and more technological news: Rule 12: No Carter Holograms, Rodney. And just because, an oldie: Lois knows, but can't prove. Yet?

Plus: Wraiths sing between ships of John. And: "Batman." "Xena." "...Bruce." "*smirk*" Gabrielle fumed.
Tags: fic, silly, six words fic
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