November 7th, 2010

cass, can you not

TV! (Wishlist Edition)

Fringe S03E05:

  • I want Earth-1!Olivia to be tied to her world by something else than a guy she had barely began to have feelings for.

  • I want to see Earth-2's Fringe series. A crazy version of you from an alternate universe kidnaps your son and brings havoc to the spacetime in the process, so you make yourself Secretary of Defense, create the Fringe division to keep the world from being destroyed, and seek ways of ending the threat. And they aren't just the good guys; Earth-2!Fringe division is more competent than Earth-1's.

  • I want to see Earth-2!Astrid's backstory.

Supernatural S06E07:

  • I want to see what Cass is doing away from the Twin Centers of the Known Universe (also, because his attempts to be polite even though Dean doesn't get the whole CIVIL WAR IN HEAVEN thing are endearing).

  • I want an AU where Sam actually wanted to be brought back like this.

  • I want to see Team Strategic Genius headdesking repeatedly (I'm being mysterious as not to be spoilery).

  • I want an episode about the Doctor, the overworked official Psychiatrist to the Hunter community (motto: keeping you just sane enough).

cass, can you not

Comics! (Credibility Issues Edition)

Batman Catwoman Follow The Money #1: Selina explaining the ethics and practice of large-scale financial fraud to Bruce I make my publicly owned company build fighter jets for my hobby Wayne? NOT CREDIBLE.

Red Hood Lost Days #6: Jason Todd falling into the vortex of Too Crazy To Just Kill The People You Want To Kill insanity? SADLY CREDIBLE, AND ALSO SAD. (Bruce: crazy, attracts the crazy, induces craziness, and worsens the already crazy).



Also, Serenity: Shepard's Tale puts a new light on the character, and it's a clever bit of storytelling.