September 5th, 2010

cass, can you not

You know,

For a group of people so focused on not being used by other people, the Secret Six spend a lot of time being used by other people. There are other ways in which they could get money, if it's a matter of money. For example, they could be teachers, Taskmaster-style (if memory serves, Bruce once observed or suggested that Floyd had taught Hush to shoot).

Alternatively, I'm sure the Wayne Foundation would be interested in providing lavish, if heavily monitored, lifestyles for supervillains who agree to work for them as consultants, or to fund any non-evil project they might have (Bruce once paid Mirror Master to spy on Luthor's Injustice Gang for him; Mirror Master donated that money to the orphanage he had grown in). The later Penguin might not be a good guy, and he might be a much more effective criminal than he used to be, but his shift to from rogue's antics to criminal business was, I think, a net gain for Gotham.