September 2nd, 2010

cass, can you not


Q: Why didn't Jason just blow up Batman to smithereens and then set up to control Gotham's crime?

A: Because just like Bruce's fight against crime — and his refusal to kill — are side effects of his desperate need to have his parents back, Jason's fight against crime — and his scruples to kill Bruce — are side effects of his desperate need for Bruce's love to overpower Bruce's issues.

Given how the DC universe works, I'd say Bruce has a an slightly greater chance of having his impossible wish fulfilled.

Jason shouldn't have gone back to Gotham. He was blossoming up as a sneakier version of Punisher. His life was interesting, he was doing good work, and he was getting both support and space from a Talia al-Ghul that was almost openly proud of him.

But you know how things are. Bruce is Jason's Gotham: dark, hurtful, bigger than life, and impossible to walk away from.