September 1st, 2010

cass, can you not

Short post on Secret Warriors #19

This issue felt uninteresting to me, but after further thought, I think that's precisely the point. It was about the death of Howling Commandos, who, as characters, as a group, and as a tradition, I don't resonate with. Captain America translates better from Normandy to a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier than they do, because the contemporary world of Marvel is built on supersoldiers, mutants, and a vast array of such technologies and strategies. Even Nick Fury has moved past the commandos in his tactics and strategies: he talks the talk of the soldier, but walks the walk of the demi-mastermind. He no longer fights wars in any way that would be recognizable to a WWII soldier (although they might be to a WWII planner).

Besides, the teaser cover for Secret Warriors #20 included Phobos in uniform. I <3 the little guy. I keep thinking that Nick Fury having this kind of influence over Phobos is, although not on par with, similar to someone raising Jenny Quantum, or Batman being godfather to Superman and Wonder Woman's child at the immediate ending of Kingdom Come. I even suspect that Ares knew, too, that war in the 21st century would need some skills he himself doesn't possess, and that Nick Fury (whose soul belongs to Ares, but who uses Minerva's tools very well) could be a suitable teacher.

I mean, if the Dark Reign has taught the "heroes" anything, it should have been that politics, logistics, and conspiracies matter. Even if the ending of the Siege was such a disappointing "and then Osborn was crazy and they punched the Sentry very hard."