July 15th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (Fuck you/yeah! Edition)

Fuck you, Clint! Secrets matter in the business, and you should have known better. You don't do that to a colleague, much less a teammate, much less your partner. (Hawkeye & Mockingbird #2)

Fuck yeah, Bruce! I don't even care about the crazy that is Morrison's boring interest in the pre-Bruce Wayne family. He writes a kick-ass, epic Bruce. (Batman #701) [BTW, I have A Theory: All of this "ohhh the Waynes have always been wicked & weird and maybe Hurt is Bruce's father and/or the Devil" crap will turn out to be a retro-forward effect of Bruce's Excellent timetraveling Adventure, which would explain why we never heard about that "before." Bruce's insanity and epicness is retro-hereditary, he didn't get it from his ancestors, he GAVE it to his ancestors!][Wheee! I kid you not, it's a relief to be able to fanwank this into something that doesn't make me want to strangle Morrison slowly while explaining to him that Bruce made Batman, not the other way around. Which I shouldn't have to tell to the guy who wrote the Batman parts of RIP and Final Crisis.]

Fuck you, everybody but Matt! Bullseye is, canonically, a guy who has killed more people than the Joker, and has proved just as impossible to effectively contain (and even in a more easily understandable way: the Joker is 'just' smart as hell, Bullseye is a meta-level fighter). The fact that you have to be mind-controlled to kill him is meta-textually absurd. Bruce never killed the Joker because Bruce is crazy, and not killing is one of the ways in which he keeps his craziness at bay [cf the Othersideverse :)]. But a sane Matt would kill Bullseye during a fight, and get a trial, and more likely go away scott free. (Daredevil #508)

Fuck yeah, Superman! This wouldn't work with any other character in comics but Superman. With him, it works. (Superman #701) [BTW, note that in here Superman makes exactly the same argument that Matt did when he became Kingpin, and now in Shadowland: you can't excuse yourself from protecting *here* because it'd mean criminals would move elsewhere. Which is also, let's note, pretty much how Bruce lives his life ("Innocents in Gotham first, then innocents elsewhere.")]

Fuck yeah, Doxs! (Doxii?) I <3 them so very much, Brainiac's insanity aside. And, in the vaguest of senses, Brainiac 2 is *such* a grown-up even Robin, and Brainiac 3 is *such* a Tim (like I said, in the vaguest of senses). (R.E.B.E.L.S. 18)

Fuck you, Ororo! Giving grief to Logan about X-Force and killing? It's an arguable position... but not for you. I remember you in Wakanda during the Secret Invasion. I remember you actively helping T'Challa kill hundred of Skrulls, and send back a ship full of corpses, "This is what happens when you try to invade Wakanda" written in their blood on the ship's inner walls. I'm not saying there aren't ethical and political issues to be discussed here, I'm just saying that Ororo might have to put her own actions on the table. (X-Men Second Coming #2)