July 6th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (Doomwar Edition)

What can I say? It's Doomwar #5, which has

* T'Challa and Doom fighting like Bruce with an army and Ra's with a clue would fight.

* Wade saying "Victor Von Crankypants," which is as of now my favorite nickname for Doom ever.

* Reed Richards in the hilariously surreal position of being the guy who keeps saying "it's too dangerous!" and "that's untested technology."

It's not Great Comics, and it's not going to cure the increasingly sad overexposition of Wade (who is nonetheless relatively restrained (for Wade) and more fourth wall-shacking than fourth wall-wrecking in this), but when egomaniac supergeniuses go to all-out war, it's always fun.
cass, can you not

One of these is fiction.