July 2nd, 2010

cass, can you not

A side note on side effects

Batman goes where sharpshooters used to go.

Batman captures psychopaths instead of the police or other psychopaths shooting them.

The most dangerous ones go to Arkham.

In Arkham, they are given cells next to the Joker, who gleefully and skillfully makes them crazier and more dangerous.

The more dangerous ones escape Arkham.

Back to Step 1.

What you get is what is there: a handful of very dangerous and literally highly trained psychopaths.

(I'm not saying this is what's going on, but I think it might be part of what's going on; not that Gotham wasn't Gotham before Bruce and the gang.)

(And, in the name of everything sacred, why the hell do they leave people, whether psychopaths or not, where they cannot avoid having long 'talks' with the Joker. Don't they know already how dangerous he is with words?)
cass, can you not


Villain Honeypots: An slightly different Bruce (e.g., a more Damian-like Bruce, or even Damian) would secretly purchase and wire — or fake and wire — abandoned amusement parks, closed factories, and other empty buildings with themes related to clowns, comedy, twos, twins, plants, birds, fear, scarecrows, cold, ice, puzzles, et cetera.

Bruce would wire them in the 'bug' sense, and Damian would wire them in the 'boom' sense, but the tactical principle is the same.