June 17th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics... Not Really Interested Enough For An Edition

Last read: R.E.B.E.L.S. #17, Joker's Asylum: Mad Hatter #1, New Avengers #1. All in all, an unimaginative, misogynistic bunch. My overall conclusion is that both heroes and villains suck, and that when Vril Dox is the most effective force for peace in your galaxy, you should start reconsidering things.

By the way, there was a tiny bit of interestingness in Mad Hatter — basically stuff not having to do with the Alice books. What happens to you when you have operational proof that there's no such thing as free will? What value, if any, would you put in other people's actions and affections if you knew you could make them think and do whatever you want? The gimmicks and the Alice obsession are the cheapest and least interesting part of the character.