May 27th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (So Badass Edition)

Bruce Wayne: So badass that he's not being torn apart by the timestream... he is tearing the timestream apart. (Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne #2)

Batman: So badass that he doesn't drive criminals crazy... he drives criminals crazy and their therapists, and their therapists' therapists. (Detective Comics #865)

Lex Luthor: So badass that he made possible the extermination of tens of thousands of Kryptonians... just to piss off the only one he cares about. (Superman: War Of The Supermen)

Reed Richards: So badass that... well, Mister Fantastic is to Reed Richards as Bruce Wayne is to Batman — the public persona (in his case, the 'hero') often seems clumsy and lost because he's focused at an entirely different level. The only extra-textual reason why the Baxter Bulding remains closed is because Wolverine would be obsolete in a post-Richards' Revolution world, and Marvel wants to keep making money. (Tony Stark less so, but he still thinks in terms of politics and money ; Tony is like a guy who invented lightbulbs and uses them to light his candle factory.) (Fantastic Four #579)

Scott Summers: So badass that when you remember he's literally the one who taught Cable how to be a cold motherfucking multi-timeline tactical genius... you aren't a single bit surprised. (X-Force #27)