May 18th, 2010

cass, can you not

Rewatched Revolver

If Groundhog Day is the canonical western (as in civilization, not genre) funny buddhist movie, Revolver should be the canonical western gritty buddhist movie [Nb. I'm using the term buddhist in a loose, non-technical, very ignorant layperson way]. It's not even subtle about it: it hits you with a worldview and keeps hitting you with it until the very last shot. But I keep finding the use of chess and cons (a dangerous combination) (and don't think I didn't see the math in there) a bloody fascinating overall theme, together with prisons, escapes, and gambling.

It's very much like Dune, in that Collapse )

As I said, not a subtle movie. It wants to say one thing and it keeps saying it for almost two hours. But aren't all the best cons so simple you just fall for them?