May 6th, 2010

cass, can you not

Comics! (Spectrographic Analysis Edition)

Red Robin #12: Made of UTTER WIN. If you ever wondered (and I know you have) what Tim Drake would be like when he grew up a little... this is it. He's got family, he's got friends, and he's got his lovable freakish Mind of Doom. Hell, Ra's called him Detective in an utterly capitalized and non-ironic way, and short of Joker killing a dozen people to try to get your attention, that's pretty much as foe-validated as you can get.

Incorruptible #5: Made of sidekick ouch. I <3 Max Damage, and feel for him. He chose the worst moment in the history of the world to go good, and he isn't getting much help from anyone or anything. But it's not as if he was expecting anything different. Unlike a 'born hero' who isn't just good him/herself, but also thinks you should be good yourself and want to be, he knows how crooked most everyone and everything is. (I'm not putting this quite right; maybe later I'll figure it out.)

Batman And Robin #12: Made of Oh Talia You Are As Crazy As Your Dad. Poor Damian. When being Robin is the sanest life choice available to you at the moment, you know your life was fucked up form the beginning. About the Sexton reveal: if you think back to the last couple of issues of Batman RIP it actually and surprisingly makes sense. An insane kind of sense, but that's how it goes with all forms of love.

Nemesis The Impostors #3: Made of crazy. And I mean this in the most complimentary way. I was never very interested in Tresser, but what he's doing here, why, and how, makes sense (although you have to have gone through the mindbendingness of Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape to see where he's coming from/running away from). The question isn't whether he's gone crazy or not, the question is whether he's gone crazy in a way that fits the part of the universe he's interacting with or not. I think the answer is 'yes'.

Secret Six #21: Made of DC WALK AWAY FROM THE KIDS ALRIGHT? It used to be that DC would kill your parents to up-badass you. Now DC just messes with your kids. Maybe a reflection of the aging demographics of the canonical comic book readership? In any case, it's another form of systematic fridging, and as such it's lazy writing. There were an infinite number of other ways of have Catman do something like this.
cass, can you not

Fic: The Call (PG13)

Rather than a character- or setting-crossover, this is a conceptual crossover — thus the OOC bits in it. It's a "what happens if Universe A has always played by the rules of Universe B?" sort of thing.

Title: The Call
Rating: PG13

"You have to come back."

"There's an 'or else' implied in there, old friend."

"If you don't go back, if you don't do what you were meant to do, everybody will die."

"That's a funny thing to say, considering..."

"Considering that I'm dead? I'm afraid it's not a wholly uncomplicated state. At least, not there."

"So if I — after all that happened in there, after everything I did in order to leave — go back, you're saying you might, what, come back to life?"

"Maybe I wouldn't have died in the first place. I don't know. Most likely, I will still be dead. But I do know you have a destiny to fullfill, and that place, no matter how much you might hate it, will not let you go until you fulfill it."

"You're asking me to go back to Hell, and you're not even giving me a good reason why... But you alreaady know I will go back, don't you? I have to, if only because you might still be there."

"I know, sir, and I'm sorry the place is using me in this way. But I will be glad if it somehow leads you to finding the peace you deserve."

"Will I see you there?"

A weightless, spectral hand gripped his shoulder. "I hope so, Master Bruce. Everything, it seems, is possible in Gotham."

cass, can you not

A medley of extemporanea

A new toy for you to play with: Black Dot Writing. It's an ultra-focused, out-of-(your-)control word editor that forces you to write by constantly re-writing (and possibly expanding) one or two sentences at a time. It feels very alien (and it's thoroughly nonlinear), but it can be fun.

I'm not sure I like the way the Irredeemable story is progressing (this bit is rather shallowly misogynistic), but I think it's par for the universe.

I only saw the first four or five seasons of Lost, and not in a very focused way, but it often seemed to suggest the opposite of hope, to whisper that death is the end only when the Power That Is isn't feeling imaginative enough. Hence the quick fic I posted below.